Best mountain Trek Vietnam

Best mountain trek vietnam

Trekking Vietnam is your guide to the best mountain trek vietnam has to offer.

With our experienced guides and top-rated equipment, we can ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience whether it’s a challenging summit or scenic day hike. Explore stunning landscapes of jungle forests, towering waterfalls, staggering rice terraces and breathtaking views from mountain passes in remote areas that are inaccessible by motorised vehicles. We also provide detailed information about local wildlife, unique cultures as well as alluring stories connected with each destination along the way! Join us for an unforgettable adventure – Trekking Vietnam is here to make sure you get the most out of every moment!

Ta Xua

Ta Xua is considered a mountain trek vietnam destination quite attractive in recent years and is expected next time, this heaven also attracts quite a lot of players and young people passionate climbing.

The majestic Ta Xua Pagoda is made up of three vertices characterized by turtles and dinosaurs. The highest peak of 2.865m is ranked 10th in the highest mountains in Vietnam.

mountain trekking vietnam

Slopes up high mountains, hard roads and often slippery. To conquer with good physical strength will take 3 days 2 nights trekking , good physical strength experienced more than 2 days 1 night. The move to Ta Xua is not too difficult because the road to Yen Bai has been completed so you just have a good health to prepare for the climbing trip nearly 2,400m to set foot to the majestic clouds of clouds. most northwest.
About 4 hours after the start, you can set foot on the “turtle head”, the view of the mountain view to run the eyes. Then take an hour to move along “dinosaurs backbone”. The challenge is not to have a straight line through the back, you have to use both legs and hands carefully down the cliff cow, then continue to crawl the wall. You will feel the heart when the bottom is deep, sometimes the wind is extremely dangerous, you have to squeeze close to the wall, because only accidentally slip can fall down at any time.

Down the mountain is not easy, you have to go down the steep staggered another row, then back up the long slope, quite slippery road, many sections without clinging and easy to get lost so people The team should follow each other to avoid bad situations can occur.

The best time to climb the mountain as well as hunting rattan in Ta Xua is from November to April next year, most beautiful in January when the weather is cold, humidity and temperature suitable for hunting clouds.

Ta Lien

Ta Lien Mountain is another name for Co Trau Mountain in Ta Leng Commune, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province. At an altitude of 2,993m above sea level, Ta Lien is the highest mountain in Vietnam. Coming to this mountain, you will be immersed in majestic mountain scenery along with the original forest vegetation of Ta Lien Son range. Therefore, this is also a trekking site that makes it so popular this year.

To conquer Ta Lien, you need at least 3 days 2 nights with terrain mainly primary forest. At the top of the mountain is quite wide but there are many dense shrubs. Climbing the tall trees can see the other side is the Hoang Lien Son range with the peaks Pu Ta Leng, White Forest Luong Tu, Nhuu Son San hidden in the sea of ​​clouds.

According to many forums, Ta Lien forest is considered quite dense, with many large trees and old style moss mold as a fairy garden. To conquer Ta Lien, you have to climb quite a lot and have a very dangerous place. In summer, the forest is very cool, not worried about sunburn mainly because of dense forest. Although the terrain is not too complicated, but it must pass through rocky hollows, so the furniture should be neat, sure to use protective clothing to avoid scratching the skin and bamboo sticks to penetrate, so gloves are a widget. indispensable in this journey.

October and 11 are the time of Ta Lien forest to replace leaves, the flowers are scattered throughout the forest with gentle aroma, pure. The vegetation here is diverse, abundant, azaleas grow on top in the spring. You will also be disturbed by the green forest and smooth murmuring streams throughout the journey.

Not only the young Vietnamese love exploring trekking in Ta Lien, but also foreign tourists enjoy the adventure but exciting full of this.


Brahma is considered “the roof of the heath” with the height of 2.862m located in Phin Ho village, Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This is one of the places most trekking organizations trekking most recently. Daredevil Mountain is a mysterious place located in the sky high winds. Not too harsh as Pu Si Lung or White Tiger Woods, the road to the base of the mountain is not too complicated. Despite the trails but many turns you need to hire local people to guide you to avoid getting lost in the forest.

It will take 5-6 hours to arrive. The path is mainly through the grassy hills, low forest, but not subjective because then the road will be hard, thorny shrubs and wind. The scenery here is very beautiful, especially when the flowers are painted tea and rhododendron in the midst of the fog bared colors.

In addition, trekking through this trail you are also encountered countless beautiful scenery from the forest, the green slushy to the vegetation and the rolling hills and mountains. At the forums for people, many young people have started to “schedule” to schedule to come here in January.

Pu Si Lung

Pu Si Lung ranks third behind Fansipan and Putaleng at 3,080m altitude, in Pa Su Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. Pu Si Lung is becoming a hot spot for many young people who love to travel and enjoy the experience of climbing. However, this is the most difficult mountain to conquer because the journey to the summit is too long. It is also the most pristine and attractive mountain among the peaks of the Northwest. So far these hand-touched delegations are very little milestone due to difficult terrain and difficult to obtain a license.

To conquer Pu Si Lung, you can take at least 4 days 3 nights over 100km both on and away. It is advisable for you to schedule it carefully and contact the authorities in advance to work with the border guard before commencing the journey.

To reach the peak of Pu Si Lung, you have to cross the steep slope leading up to Sin Chai A. Few people have nearly died of this vicious road. Anyone who wants to be on the top of the mountain is considered the “roof of the border” must also experience this road of birth and death. The road to the mountain is extremely long, with many high slopes standing up, deep streams and journey through the forest very hard. So few people set foot in here and probably because of this challenge that Pu Si Lung is expected to be one of the hottest trekking peaks of the year.

If Fansipan is the “roof of Indochina”, Putaleng is no less. At an elevation of 3.096m above sea level, Putaleng is known as “The second home of Indochina”.

Putaleng is the name of a mountain in Hoang Lien Son Range, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province. In the past few years, Putaleng has been visited by many young people. The forest in Putaleng is pristine because it has not been put into operation, it is home to many azaleas – the flower known as the “Queen of the North West.” Forest scene here rich diversity with the green bushes, experience the feeling of forest ice, wading streams will be an interesting choice for people on this November 12th.
Before climbing, make sure you are well prepared for your health and wellbeing and protect yourself against possible hazards. Also, do not forget to pack some food such as dry food, bread, and water to ensure you have the strength to climb.

Carpentry quantum Bach

White Tiger Luong Tu is the fourth highest mountain in Vietnam. This year’s tourism, White Tiger Luong Tu is considered a mountain capable of attracting many young people to visit and explore.

White Tiger Luong Tu is located between the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. According to many of the players, this mountain is very difficult to climb and have terrain, dangerous terrain. It is very slippery and steep, if it goes to rain, the danger is very high, so you should know the weather before starting the journey. To reach the top of Bach Ma Luong Tu, you have to go through a distance of 30km through many landscapes of forest bamboo forest, wood forest to the cliffs.
There are ramps, you have to sit down to endure this way (Photo: Dinh Trong Hai)

However, if you conquer this mountain, you have set foot on the heaviest heaven of the North West. Here, you will be watching the white clouds floating on the mountain Salt, a great experience for those who love adventure.

Ta Pu Nhu

Ta Cu Nhu high 2.979m, located in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province; Ta Pu Nhu, belonging to Pu Luong massif of Hoang Lien Son range. Despite the harsh climate, this is an attractive destination for many young people.

October, November is the best time of the year in Ta Chau Nhu. The road to conquer this mountain is no less important than that of the White Tiger, so always demanding to have a spirit of health and toughness.

Although sloping and difficult but if successful conquest, you will certainly not regret the majestic scenery overwhelmed (Photo: Phuot).

The journey to conquer Ta Chiu Nhu is very difficult, the road is very steep, worn small, slippery, many sections do not find a place to cling so you may have to crawl. Wind on the mountain tugged so a stick to balance is the advice for you. When climbing if it is dark and not arrive, your team is best to stop, set up tents and set fire to camp because the dew in the forest is very poisonous, if going further can be fatal.

Note: The craggy cliffs, the feeling of crossing the forest stream to enjoy the sea of ​​clouds as the paradise is the wish of many, but you should also consider and prepare carefully before commencing the journey. This is a risky adventure. It is best to look for a few experienced guides who understand the terrain to keep out of the jungle.

To make trekking trips like this, you can learn about the trekking, guided tours to find guides, advice, contact the border guard to be guided climbing the mountains. Also, you need to pay great attention to health, practice climbing skills, equipped with protective gear.

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