Best of trekking Cao Bang

No wonder trekking Cao Bang has such a beautiful stop

With the conquest of the North East Vietnam Road, once to a different feeling. Who does not once dazed and happy to admire the majestic mountains on the legendary mountain pass. Who does not say beautiful dream in front of the rice scene on the terraces where high prices. Or embarrassed before the flower triangle dyed purple sky Ha Giang. Song, in the Northwest there is a brand new place, where you can mix into nature, and can camp with friends. Along with trekking vietnam  find out where this is.

With the name Phieng Muong grass is very strange to the players, but the pictures of this grass hill makes people just want to carry their backpack and come here soon. Phiang Muong Hill is located in Quang Lam Commune, Bao Lam District, Cao Bang, 160km from Cao Bang City Center. It is located 10km from the town and has to walk a pretty hard road can set foot here.

Yet, it is often said that the fruits of a hard journey are always the motivation for satisfying oneself. Get to the top of the hill, in your eyes only a green bowl. The wilderness of the vast grassy hill, the lawn that lasts endlessly, is like no end. Grass green grass swathes the wind, but undulating, just like the sea waves keep on stretching. All the fatigue of climbing climb, in that moment naturally disappear.

Not only the blue of the grass, but also the green mountains of the message. If there is a chance, come here at a foggy morning all the way, you will understand how the feeling like touching the clouds is like. The clouds drifted, like soft sponge fluttering through the distant mountain. Standing on the top of the hill, it seemed as if it was possible to take a piece of warmth to bring home.
Coming to Phiang Muong, you will add to your album the North West moments of check-in mountain clouds as beautiful as any famous place. There is a soft river scene, like the youngest girl in the most beautiful place, slightly bending her hug the majestic mountains. Clouds are not solved, the image is still vague, the illusion of fear only in the moment will suddenly disappear. Beautiful and extremely poetic.

The attraction of this place is not only by vast grassy hills and picturesque mountains and forests, but also by Thach Lam waterfall located not far away. Coming to this waterfall, is the opposite image of two extremes: the water from the sky drops down billowing, white, causing people to fall in love, the surface of the lake at the foot of the waterfall calm and cool. A place that has both high mountains, and has a wide co-waterfall also, Phieng Muong was really caught up at the first look.

Spacious space and large spoiled for the group of young people here flirted jubilantly. Camping, burning fire or together quietly silent before nature, will be a beautiful memory, if they go along with the wonderful people. One of the things to note when you come here for camping is that there are almost no restaurants around, so you have to prepare everything for the perfect trip.

Phiang Muong grass is gradually becoming the name that many young people love to find. Cao Bang added a new place that people have to ignore. Ever can stop loving North West here?

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