Tu Lan Cave Trekking

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer Tour

The journey of 4 days and 3 nights to discover wild Tu Lan cave trekking is a journey that brings customers to experience the full Tu Lan cave system. With a gentle journey and not too difficult for participants. Joining this tour, customers also have the opportunity to experience a dinner at local people’s houses and stay overnight at Tu Lan Lodge at the end of the journey.

tu lan cave trekking

This Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer Tour is a shorter version of the Tu Lan Expedition Tour. The trekking is easier and the distance is shorter. This tour is suitable for guests who have less time but still want to experience Tu Lan nature as much as possible.

A level 3 – moderately difficult trekking tour, this adventure tour is suitable for most people, who may work in offices, but participate in some sports and physical activities. Over 4 days and 3 nights, this Tu Lan cave tour will visit the primeval forest and unique limestone caves. Guests are offered 1 night at Tu Lan Lodge after the tour.

Together with the Son Doong Expedition Tour, the Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer (TL3) has become the most popular of Oxalis tours. Joining this wild cave tour visitors will be able to enjoy these unique activities:

  • Swimming in an underground river inside the cave: The valleys are connected by a system of underground caves. Visitors can experience the magical feeling of swimming in the total darkness of the cave. This is one of the most unique experiences of Tu Lan tours. If you don’t want to swim, you can sit on the raft.
  • Enjoy some great food: During the trek, guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by local chefs.
  • Local experience: After three days of the best hiking, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner at the home of a local porter. Visitors can learn about the life of the porter, and understand more about how tourism has changed the life of a porter from being an illegal woodsman to serving tourists. Visitors also have the opportunity to cycle to explore the beautiful and tranquil Tan Hoa village.
  • Unique accommodation after the trip: On this trip, visitors will spend the night at Tu Lan Lodge right in Tan Hoa. This accommodation was built by Oxalis to adapt to the area’s annual flooding situation. The rooms are built on the side of the hill or with the floating house design, so that when the flood comes, the house will float up.


The itinerary of the Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer may be adjusted according to the weather conditions. The path will be muddy and slippery on rainy days.

Day1: Phong Nha – Tan Hoa – Rat Cave – Tu Lan Campsite

From 07:30 – 08:00 The bus will pick you up at your hotel in Phong Nha and continue to the Tan Hoa office. At the office, visitors will listen to the safety briefing, including the itinerary, sign the release form, pack for the trek and receive safety equipment.

After the briefing, the trip will start with a 2.5km flat walk through fields of peanuts and corn. From afar, the entrance of Rat Cave will come into view. After crossing the Rao Nan River, the group will have a short break and lunch under the high ceiling inside Rat Cave. After lunch, the group will continue further into the cave to marvel at the magnificent stalactites. Clamber up through the exit of Rat Cave to continue the journey.

It will take the group 30 minutes to cross the La Ken Valley and reach the toughest challenge of the day – Lom Com Mountain, quite steep and rocky. After crossing the mountains, trek down to where the Tu Lan Valley appears, with the roar of the waterfall as it cascades from the cave entrance. Here the group will camp for the first night and swim in the blue pool next to the campsite. Settle into your tent and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by the local chef.

Day2: Ken Cave -Tu Lan Cave – Kim Cave – To Mo Valley

The second day continues full of cave adventures and explores three beautiful caves of the Tu Lan Cave System; Ken Cave, Tu Lan Cave and Kim Cave. After breakfast, the group will first explore and swim into Ken Cave, which is one of the most beautiful caves in the Tu Lan Cave System.

The group will return to camp for lunch. After lunch the cave adventure carries on, to explore and swim in Tu Lan Cave – a beautiful river cave giving its name to the whole cave system. The group will climb up from the river into the dry passage and emerge into the valley. Crossing the valley, the group will reach the entrance of Kim Cave, where you will continue your journey by swimming in the dark and crossing beautiful waterfalls to reach To Mo Valley. This stunning valley is the second campsite of this Quang Binh adventure tour. Another delicious dinner will be served.

Day3: Song Oxalis Cave – Hung Ton Cave

Starting the third day, a steep hill is waiting to be conquered and it will lead you to the entrance of Song Oxalis Cave – a cave with the most unique and rare cave coral calcite formations. After contemplating the beauty of Song Oxalis Cave, trek downhill back to the campsite, and enjoy lunch, before crossing To Mo Valley and entering Hung Ton Cave beside the waterfall.

The group will swim through the cave to reach the dry passage and climb a 15m ladder with a safety harness to reach the final cave exit. Trek across Hung Ton Valley and cross the ‘baby’ hill to the Rao Nan River. From here, the group will return to the Tan Hoa office by trekking through the farm fields.

At the Oxalis Tan Hoa office, the group will check in to Tu Lan Lodge to shower and relax.

Around 18:00, the group will walk to the porter’s house for dinner and interact with some villagers. After dinner, the group will come back to Tu Lan Lodge to rest.

Day4:Leaving Tan Hoa

In the early morning, guests can enjoy watching the sunrise over the beautiful Tan Hoa green fields, or cycle to explore the Tan Hoa Village. Then enjoy breakfast prepared by the chef from the tour at Tu Lan Lodge.

Please inform the departure time of your plane/train/car at least one day in advance so that the consultants can conveniently arrange the transfer. Hotel check-out time will be 12:00 noon, if you want to stay a few more nights at the hotel or are interested in other sightseeing activities in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang area, please contact your Oxalis Adventure Consultant in advance so she or he can help to arrange. Or talk to the front desk for last minute arrangements.

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer tour price includes

The cost of Wild Tu Lan tour is 9,500,000 VND (US$409) per person, this tour price includes VAT, entrance fee and environment fee and management fee. The tour includes the following services:

  • Transfer from Tan Hoa to Dong Hoi airport.
  • Service staff: The tour of 10 guests will have: 1 guide, 1 safety assistant, 1 chef, 2 sous chefs, 4 porters and 2 supplier porters who will be responsible for carrying fresh ingredients into the camp for everyday use.
  • Food and beverage: Oxalis provides meals, tea, and coffee for guests during the trip (excluding any extra requests). Dinner with a local family after the tour. Dishes follow a fixed menu and vegetarian or vegan dishes are also provided at the request of the guest.
  • Accommodation: Oxalis offer two nights in the tent during the jungle trek and 1 night at Tu Lan Lodge after the trek.
  • Safety equipment: Oxalis will provide safety equipment such as helmets, safety harnesses, caving headlamps, gloves and other safety equipment.
  • Traveling insurance: Oxalis buys travel insurance for all tourists participating in the tour with a maximum compensation of VND 10,000,000. Visitors are advised to purchase their own comprehensive travel insurance prior to joining the tour.

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