Cao Bang trek day2


I was awakened early in the morning by the cock crowing in Phia Thap. The sound was so loud that the orchestra made me unable to sleep. I suddenly began to remember, a series of childhood memories associated with familiar cock crows.
As a result, I was one of the last to leave the bed. This time is 5:30. The sun rises up on the top of the mountain, the first rays of sunshine over the green rice field. I looked at the picture of love. It is rare to have such a relaxed time, no worries about work, not frantically running time, quietly sit and watch heaven and earth, take pictures and quietly sing along to the music. But that moment lasted forever …

cao bang trek

Seeing my friend prepared everything ready, I hurried down the house to brush my teeth and then walk around the plate. Phia Thang morning very quiet. I stretch my chest to breathe fresh air.
About 10p as well as a round, I began to see her children go to work, knife belt, agrarian, motorcyclists. The peasants here are homemade, homely look that goes beyond the hills.

Conquer the first mountain!
After a simple breakfast with bread and noodles, we prepare water, supplies for the next journey.
At 7:40 we came. Today’s schedule is a walk from Phia Thap Village, Village Down, Down Village, to Lung Ri, then from Phuc Sen to Phia Sen to Phia Thap. Expected to be 13km and 7 hours walk. Note that the hills are not straight lines as in the plain.

We follow the path behind the house, we reach the foot of the mountain. I could not believe it, the mountain towering behind the house that last night I also feel horrible look is the mountain that we will have to overcome. According to the ethnic people, this mountain is called Phung Hung, which means Nui To, the highest peak of about 770m.

Mao, the local guide laughs: “There, the hollow between the two mountains is where I will pass, so fast that you.”
I suddenly remembered the story of a knife tossed the Hmong people that I would not expect it.

After a long night, the trees still wet, the road is still wet, quite slippery. Just saw the mountain slope already. People are climbing up one by one. It took 50p of us to reach the low hollow that my instructor said. From here we have two options: one to go straight to the mountains, 2 to turn right to climb to the highest peak to admire the whole area then climb down the way 1. Some members decided Choose a straight approach rather than climbing to the top. The rest of which I resolved to conquer the highest peak, because I want to see the beauty of Phia Thap as well as see the remnants of the French block there.

We reached the top after 20 minutes focusing on crawling with both hands and feet. The whole scene of Phia Thap village appears beautiful people. Everyone pampered, admiring, taking pictures. I remember the day I climbed the Fan, the road is also upright, there are sections we also have to cling to the stone, to the roots that crawl. But when you arrive, see the panoramic view of the forest, only to see the joy filled. The feeling is just as great. Hard to climb as it has gone, only fun.

I kept looking for the French bundle but only saw a huge pile of rocks, the top of which was where we climbed and took pictures. It turns out to be the remains of the bunker. Yet I imagined it to be so splendid.

Cao Bang trekking -HoaChio
Phia Thap panoramic view from the top of To

After we finished shooting, we started climbing. The top was not up to us, so we accelerated to catch up. My friend gave up on this climb because the shoes were too tight to continue. Unfortunately, she missed the opportunity to see the whole scene without knowing when there will be a second chance.
After 30P we reached the trail and met everyone there. Looking back at the mountain just past that see that respectable. Very proud to say “Oh I’m so good !!!” ? ?

We follow a small road on the one side is the rice field into the village of On (also known as Wan On ethnic languages). Sunshine was flooded on a small road without trees. Across a mountain of water flowing from the mountain, we shout excitedly ran down to wash his face, wash his feet. Cool water cooled the heat.

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