Trekking and Hiking ? what the differences

What is Trekking? Differences between trekking and hiking

Surely not many times the “people of tourism” hear about Trekking and Hiking but you really understand this type of tourism yet? Let’s find out what the trekking is? Difference between trekking and hiking!

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trekking and hiking
It is one of the modes of travel to attract more and more people, especially young people who desire to explore, experience and overcome their limits. The same is the outdoor activities, but Trekking and Hiking still have different fundamentals. Take a few minutes with us to learn about Trekking and hiking do?

What is Trekking Vietnam?
Trekking is a picnic activity where trekkers (or trekkers) will take part in a hiking trip for several days, with the destination being suburban, mostly urban, mountainous hills. have rough terrain, jagged. Trekking here is a way to travel to different regions rather than carry the meaning of “migrate”. There are many trekkers involved in long distance trips for a long time with their friends, or sometimes traveling alone.

Compared to other forms of tourism, trekking is strongly influenced by weather conditions and terrain. If there is a rainstorm or natural disasters, the trekker’s movement plan will change quite a lot compared to travel by electric cycle orĀ  e-mountain bike

New, strange and less traveled destinations are often chosen by the trekker. Trekking is usually organized in groups where each member has many outdoor picnic experiences with different terrain. This allows the trekker to interact with the natural world full of fun.

Trekking is not limited to the area you participate in, but often through challenging forests and mountain roads. The world has some particularly attractive areas for trekkers such as the Himalayas in Asia, the Andes in South America.
The length of each trip is long or short, determined by the participants, ranging from a few days to a whole year. The adventure of the trip to the extent that the participants decide. Due to the free nature of the trekking activities, the diversity of trekking sites makes this activity attractive to a large number of participants.

Differences between trekking and hiking
Looking at the angle of physical movement, there will be no difference between hiking and trekking, but overall, the two activities have significant differences.

Both hiking and trekking are hiking, hiking, hiking, but most hiking trails are available or asphalt, roads have been made, while trekking is done on the hiking trails. Many terrain surfaces, more adventurous and challenging.

The biggest difference between Hiking and Trekking is the difficulty of the trip. Hiking is often easy to navigate while trekking is done through a variety of terrain. Maybe it was an uninhabited road to the existing trail and a new road. Trekkers often have to use maps and navigational skills, locate them to find their way, they must have medical kit and survival skills prepared before the trip. Meanwhile, the hiker is usually loyal to the existing trails, and does not move to places with unclear terrain.

Equipment for hiking and trekking is also varied depending on the activity. Trekkers often need good equipment, they often need the skills they need to find or set shelter. Both the hiker and the trekker need a sturdy backpack, water retention kit, and health to be able to move all the way they have laid out.

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