Cao Bang Trek Day1


Have you ever walked through a mountain VIETNAM TREKKING  that had never before practiced? Go up and down, cross the cornfield, through the rice fields, through the woods, planted leaves to the limbs and taste the thirst in the hot sun.

I spent the day walking in Cao Bang, impressive and emotional. Now, as I write these lines, I still remember those great moments.

Our journey lasts for 4 days but actually only has 3 days to walk a lot and the last day is for moving. On the first day was the mountain conquest exhausted exhausted people.

The schedule is as follows:
Day 1: Hanoi – Cao Bang – trekking Trung Vuong – Phia Thap
Day 2: Phia Thắp (trekking) – trekking downstream – Lung Ri – Phia Thap
Day 3: Phia Thap – Chongqing – Lung Niec – Ban Giaoc
Day 4: Ban Gio – Cao Bang – Hanoi

cao bang trek

Day 1: Go through the mountains, sweat soaked people, still brightly smile victory
We depart in Hanoi at 6:15 am, running along the Thai Nguyen Highway. People get used to it, talk to each other, joke like old friends, even people like me just first joined the group.

The car had come to Thai Nguyen and stopped for breakfast. Phở phở here is big, full of full. The rice noodle is also large, soft but not crispy, combined with crispy crispy chicken countryside, spicy red peppers, fresh lemons that lead people to salivate. This is the best bowl of pho I’ve ever eaten in the highlands, and I can not eat all that much, though my stomach is hungry. 30k for a bowl of real noodles too tasty.

After a simple breakfast we went to Bac Kan. Starting from Cho Moi (Bac Kan), the straight road has turned into a winding road around the mountain with continuous bends that make me heart skip.

Car stop at Wind pass for everyone to rest for energy. This time is 10:40. Small pass to sell enough snacks for guests to choose: melon cucumber with calf, sweet little tiger cucumber, fresh crushed fresh, boiled hot corn. Everyone is eager to taste the familiar food but is the end of the hunger.

But the snack itself is the horror of the sisters in the next paragraph, as the roads get a twist of poverty, the closer the bends, the more the car sway. As a result, sisters began racing for the product. He was driving funny car teasing us: “car I have no name why do not you call me?

And I, for as long as only once sick of being sick, fell down easily. The feeling of prolonged hangover is scary!

Have lunch on the way to Cao Bang

Thanks to the happy lunch, the delegation quickly recovered. I feel much more comfortable. Fruit fruit is extraordinary strength that !!! ?

13h46 turn into Trung Vuong village to prepare for the first walk. The road is small, bumpy stone and mud, but the two sides are forests, mountain green rice field makes me look hard.

At the gathering place, people get off, carry lightweight luggage, drink and eagerly follow the guide. I looked at the phone, marking 14h20. Only about 200 meters of trail to start up the mountain and then began the hardships that no one expected.

The mountain road after the rain just slippery. The wet tree wiped people, folded into the hands of the morning. My shoes are quickly muddy. Even in the forest, but not cool because of the hot summer weather, wet sweat dress shirt. I play the dominant group when wearing skirt pants go to the forest (can not read the program before).

At the first summit, we met with the children to break the corn rest. The group also enlisted to stop resting for strength, talking with relatives. Brothers and sisters try to raise the burden of maize. Unfortunately, no athlete qualified
Looking at the heavy corn crates I was scared, imagining myself breaking my shoulders. So every day she went on climbing like that, so respectable!

After about 1.5km we first go to Doai Khon commune. The short passage that takes an hour to pass. Continue climbing, go through the field, muddy, climb up the stone … Legs muddy soil, filled with sticks on the tree. It seems people are getting used to it so speed is faster. I feel like I’m undergoing a special training for the weak recruits who are rewarded with a beautiful mountain landscape that is beautiful and uninteresting.

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