Beautiful trekking spots for exploring


Beautiful trekking vietnam spots for exploring

New spring passes smoothly, weather is too favorable for cross-dates. Wishing to “soon wake up in a remote place” has grown and then it was a triumph, scheduled and developed in the summer languid overwhelming passion.
Vietnam is a country with mountains and sea so spoil the places for trekking enthusiasts to choose the location of the legend. To help people love to move “grab” the beautiful places to trekking, today the Nam Du Royal Hotel will offer trekking tours. Quickly note any of the players.

1.Fansipan – Indochina Mountain
This is probably the target set for the gentleman trekking right? Fansipan peak on the top cheers. As the highest peak in Vietnam and Indochina, Fansipan is considered the dream destination of those who consider “the journey is a journey to find happiness.” With a height of 3,143m Fansipan as a giant slope spoiled for people to challenge myself.

The time to conquer Fansipan peak is not a one-way street but it is a process that lasts 2 to 3 days, even up to 4 days. The easiest way to get to the top is probably to start from Ton Bien and return by this road, or maybe by groping along the edge of the Hoang Lien. There is a way leading to the peak that only the long-time dangers dare to go is the way from Doc Mit, Binh Lu.

The regime can choose different ways to conquer Fansipan but remember your strength. The road to the summit is quite dangerous

2.Land in the heart of the ancient capital – Bach Ma

Listen to the name, but incredible charm must not be. Hue has long gone to the city “question, the answer” now suddenly there are trekking sites such as magic must have to fly here to see a star only.

Located 40km south of the city center, the Bach Ma Range is part of the Truong Son Range. At 1,500m, this place is no less interesting than Fansipan. Only about 19km from the foot of the mountain to the peak, with the professionalism is not a problem.

The higher the Bach Ma as majestic and majestic as the name itself so Bach Ma-shaped horse out to sea. The scenery of Bach Ma at the top of the mountain is like a real paradise. One hand can reach the clouds, flowers like clouds wind pass winding tourists in front to show off all its beauty.

An attractive place for trekking people!

3. The road of love history – LangBiang

Referring to the trekking that lacks LangBiang, then it is broken. This sweet love story like sugar cane leaves at the roof of this Lam Vien is ignored is always wrong with Da Lat.

LangBiang is a fairly easy trekking place, for couples who want to take a hike, suitable for trekking gentle journeys, the gentle sloping to reveal the two trails of old trees are old blue sky. Ma is always full size. On the journey to the summit of LangBiang you will have the opportunity to penetrate the deep forest, where there are birds singing shouts, the flow of murmuring streams, .. your heart will have low notes flutter. Try it and experience it!

4.The drift between Nam Du sky and sky

Trekking species in the land and then must change the wind to see the “golden forest, sea silver” right? What’s not to do a soul trip to Nam Du.

An island of love Kien Giang, Nam Du is a pristine and little-known island, only in recent years have the train travel tourists to travel to this beautiful land like Hawaii.

Nam Du is not difficult to reach, just to drive to the central port and catch the train out to the island is a trekking tired at the location on the island. Nam Du has many interesting places for people to check in and explore. Each small island is a special thing, the coconut trees are tilted on the sea, the coral hidden under the dark blue sea, … To Nam Du is to reach the sea lighthouse Nam Du Vietnam This is also an opportunity for you to record your life. Nam Du also has a special thing that nowhere else is that purple sunset. Imagine that the art of “painting the moon” of poetry has a purple sunset but late afternoon to the Nam Du Beach, you will find the truth more beautiful times in poetry.

With Nam Du, people have many forms of trekking and overnight on the island very interesting, you can camp overnight but the Nam Du by night cut off the electricity so if you do not want to leave the phone and fear insects You should rent a house for temporary accommodation for trekking tomorrow.

The hostel in Nam Du is not much and most of them are temporary and few services due to the lack of facilities, but good news for people here, early this year Royal guesthouse Nam Du has given away into the Hoang Gia guesthouse

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