6 best place trekking mountain vietnam

best place trekking Vietnam

There are still numerous mountains with incredibly different and one-of-a-kind scenery, but very few footprints, such as Bach Moc Luong Tu, Lao Tham, Fansipan, and other mountains that are among the greatest places to go trekking in Vietnam. Despite their already-prominent status.

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No6 Khang Su Van 3012m – green cardamom color

Khang Su Van (also known as Phan Lien San or U Thai San) road is the top 5 among the highest mountains in Vietnam. Yet perhaps overshadowed by the outstanding top names standing in front of it, Khang has never been appreciated with what he has. The characteristic of this trekking bow is the endless stretching of cardamom forests. Even when standing from above, you can only see a green carpet below the tall and straight trunks. The trekking trail takes you through the cardamom “tunnels”, flooded with an unmistakable fragrant season.

best place trekking Vietnam

In addition, you will visit landmark 79 – the highest land border landmark of Vietnam with an altitude of ~ 3000m. Khang Su Van Peak is located close to the Chinese border, so on clear days, you can see the Mong Hoa village at the foot of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, there are still traces of the wall, imprinting a complex history of the two ethnic groups.

No5 Lung Cung 2913m – Wandering in the wilderness

Lung Cung is located in Tu Le – Yen Bai, once in the top 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam before being usurped by the discovery of Chung Nhia Breast. The remoteness of the way back to travel, plus the complexity of the local culture, makes this mountain peak gradually sink into oblivion. To conquer Lung Cong, there are 3 main roads: Che Cu Nha, Lung Cong or Tu San, but also Tu San Road is considered the most beautiful. From Tu San village, you will pass through immense hills, lush green bamboo forests and Lung Cung peak, which used to be the old airstrip of the French colonialists, spread with tall grass. highland wind.

The 360 ​​degree view of this mountain top also helps you see the Ta Co Y rice valley below, or it will be a great sea of ​​clouds if on a lucky day.

No4 Nam Kang Ho Tao 2881m – A forgotten adventure

If you have not been wandering in the Vietnamese trek village for a while, you must have never heard of a strange name Nam Kang Ho Tao. This mountain is characterized by “hard to swallow”, difficult to get in and out. As if there was a curse on the top of the mountain that its unspoiled and enchanting beauty was also proportional to the difficulty and challenge. The cliffs are steep and slippery, the dense forests block the path, the streams are lonely, flooded, full of danger but also bring an irresistible attraction for conquerors

No3 : Po Ma Lung 2965m – Lost the way of the Garden of Eden

No3 Po Ma Lung should have given herself a beautiful name, Bach Moc Luong, if the previous ones did not mistake it for Ky Quan San peak and gave it the name it is now. Po Ma Lung forest is famous for its absolute wilderness and extremely diverse and difficult terrain of streams and forests. You can spend the whole day just walking along the great streams and waterfalls, and then the next day you can only see the old old forest in the shade of the sun. But also because of that, this road has unmistakable beauty

No2:Pavi ancient stone road – historic footprint

Pavi is the only name on this list that isn’t really a “crest”, but is definitely a trekking bow not to be missed. This road was initiated by the French in 1927 with the purpose of patrolling, transporting minerals and cardamom. Nearly 50,000 H’mong and Dao people have been sweating and their lives for 5 years to complete 80km of rock-paved trail. With the development of a modern road connecting the two provinces of Lao Cai – Lai Chau through O Quy Ho pass, the road is gradually forgotten and left in the middle of the deep forest, but about 30km of road still exists to this day. .

Wandering on this road is like reliving an ancient Northwest of remote villages, pristine forests, moss-covered stone paths, old that attract as the life of a thousand times. indigenous people

No1 :Ngu Chi Son 2858m – The first majestic Northwestern

The mountain with the symbolic image of five fingers pointing to the sky has long been a legend of Sapa. The path to conquer the highest peak of this mountain complex from Chu Va is a trekking route worthy of point 10 with a full range of topography, the impression of the landscape and the hardship of the high mountains. Along the way is the majestic Chu Va waterfall, hundreds of meters high, an old forest of all kinds of flowers, dangerous cliffs and the end of an extremely open mountain overlooking the Ta Giang phin valley.

The only thing that was preventing it from becoming really popular was probably just because of its “no joke” difficulty

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