Amateur trekker on the most beautiful trails


Amateur  trekker on the most beautiful Trekking Vietnam

After many hesitations whether to go or not Ta Rang – Phan Dung, I decided, once in my life to see the world there is nothing to regret, so as to carry up and go.
Ta Nang – Phan Dung is one of the most beautiful trekking paths in Vietnam, from Duc Trong district (Lam Dong) through Ta Nang forest through Phan Dung (Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan).

The mighty forest of Ta Nang Street – Phan Dung Prepared
In addition to the personal belongings previously advised, the first, most important is health. I have climbed Ba Den three times, but climbing the Black Lady is not sure to go to Ta Nang. So determined before going 20 days, the day to carry a whole lot of water to the park to exercise. At first I went for 1 hour, take 5 kg, then gradually increase to 1.5 hours with 7kg, 2 hours 8 kg. Actually, when I go, I carry up to 13 kg. I have never been to where to put up to 13kg do not say go trekking through the forest.

Transportation: Cars, motorbikes and walking

Time: 22h30 night 29/4 – 9h on 2/5

Get started
At 22h30, I was in the car with 30 other people, pretending to drive in the car, to the market in 6h 6 days later – where the delegation began to go inside the forest. At first, people take a break for breakfast, buy some miscellaneous items for the trip. After that, the car will be transported to another section, and the whole group will take the first 5 km to the last grocery store, before the official journey through the forest.

At this moment I am nervous and eager, feel the balo is still very light, strength is plentiful. Let’s go.

Looks like the delegation started at 9h. Of course I do not know the way, just follow the lead and you are gone. Looking at the road away from the headline, also double-scratch: when the new destination, get lost, get lost sure is not okay, has prepared 13 kg for 3 days that …

There is no way to know, the first flat road is, the later the difficulty increases. Sunny up brilliant. On the way, another group of people renting a farm truck to the inside, suddenly feel a little jealousy.

Beginning the first slope, is also beginning to see the majestic scenery of the mountains. The scenery is so majestic, too sunny, and too heavy. You need to go all three slopes to lunch. I wonder if there are all 3 slopes really? New to go to a slope, the child is tired, tired face, do not say 3 children. So the decision to stop at the first slope always. This is a reasonable lunch break, because the hill is high in the middle of the pine forest, the wind blows with the cool air.

Then half a day. The rest of the day is just disaster, just climbing steep, downhill. At this time, the water was slightly reduced, but the feeling of weight increased, 13 kg which is thought to 31 kg.

Now think again, the slope is still scared, there are long sections long and tall high. I fall down 5 times in the down time, some times almost roll down, may have a heavy weight back.

Where are the slopes?
Worst of all, in the evening, when down the valley is a camping spot. For the first time in my life, I had such a ramp. At 18h it was dark, but not see how horrible that road.

The ground is not flat, but it is thrown up, one side called the field is not right, but only the side of the forest in the headline only. I just thought, missing a foot, I do not know where. So I decided where to go, where can be crawled cow …

Nearly 20h, to reach the campsite, I respect everyone in the group. The happiest moment of a girl is to bathe and shampoo, take a bath in the open stream, cool spring water.

Day 2
After the first day, I was tired, full body aches, especially two shoulder. But the next passage is Phan Dung, thinking that I have the motivation to go forward. On the second day there are still many slopes, so that you go in front of the flat road, not difficult anymore. Later, the delegation learned that it was straying, reaching the top of Yaly Falls, while the road was much easier to travel. No one can turn back, so the hands go on.

If not lost a paragraph, probably did not have so many memories.
Go through many sections with streams, at this time I do not know whether the stream is happy to catch gold, plunged into the stream for satisfying before, the remaining calculation. Meet you lead the fun also, see the stream is dancing down always.

Minutes resting on the stream is a rare relaxing moment.
Finding the way is the most important thing. Where are you going now? I also follow the lead you. Through the steep slope, through the streams, to the low forest, call for fun

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