Experience of walking tours


Walking tours are a great way to discover a destination, a land, a culture. In addition to the physical benefits, cost savings, walking also help visitors have enjoyable experiences that other forms of travel do not have.  

Family trip in the countryside Travel to help us experience more Walking Tour 1 It is also very cost-effective Here are some experiences when choosing a walk: Plan: planning-the-trip-1 Planning ahead for the trip is more complete – To make a walk, first you need to plan for yourself, the more detailed the plan, the easier the journey. Often a plan will include travel itineraries, destinations to go through, stops (shopping, dining) … It is very important to plan where you should know the exact address and location of the locations, so a good tourist map will help you a lot. Priority should be given to mapping the locations of attractions, shopping, eating places … to use (most airports, hotels, tourist guides provide these maps). ). Prepare: – Shoes: Depending on the terrain and travel time, choose the right type of shoes. If moving short can choose soft sandals. If the terrain is steep, climbing shoes will be more suitable. – Dress: Should dress simple, comfortable. Bring a hat, raincoat or jacket in case the weather changes. – Compact luggage will help you “lighten” during the move. A small backpack containing personal items such as towels, water, maps, cameras, travel guides, food (if needed) … is enough.

A few notes:   Planning Tour   Walking Tour 3 Need to find out and prepare thoroughly before the trip – For the sake of safety, health, before deciding on a walking tour, you need to find out about the destination. – Depending on experience, health status, you outline the right path for yourself. For beginners walking, 4-10km / day is suitable. – The best time of day is morning. – You can refer to some travel schedules on the Internet, travel guide. – Drink plenty of water during the move.

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