trekking tours

June 2018

Best of trekking Cao Bang

June 29, 2018

No wonder trekking to  Cao Bang has such a beautiful stop With the conquest of the North East Vietnam Road, once to a different feeling. Who does not once dazed and happy to [...]

How to set up gears for trekking

June 17, 2018

Trekking in the high mountains is very easy to have small accidents so be prepared to get a successful trip as desired. The equipment needed for a long trekking trip can be [...]

best of trekking destination in Vietnam

June 16, 2018

  Best of trekking destination in Vietnam With rich mountainous terrain with many different altitudes, Vietnam possesses many ideal areas for conquering and exploring [...]

Promoting trekking in Ha Giang

June 2, 2018

Pan Hou Village: Promoting Trekking  Vietnam Tours in Ha Giang With many years experience in organizing trekking in various provinces, in 1999, Khanh Hoa Travel Company [...]
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