The most attractive trekking spots in Vietnam

New trekking vietnam adventure – trekking newly introduced in Vietnam not long but has strong attraction with the trekker as well as the player. With rich mountainous terrain, Vietnam has many challenging trekking paths for trekkers to conquer and explore. The following are the most beautiful trekking spots in Vietnam.

Trekking is a form of adventure tourism that participants have to walk discover, carrying themselves in the forest, mountains, villages far from the center, it takes a lot of time and hard. The trekking route is often wild but also many exciting surprises. Trekking enthusiasts love trekking because this is a chance to train the body, discover and harmony in the wild nature.
1. Ham Ham Mountain, Hanoi

The Ham Pig mountain trek. Photo: Internet.
Ham Pig is an ideal weekend trekking spot for many near Hanoi. Popular people have two ways to conquer the palace on the road.

Ham Pig is one of the attractive trekking spots in Vietnam. Photo: Internet
The easiest way to trek the trek is to follow a flat trail, with little bushes, for only 2 hours. If you are more adventurous, the second trek line will suit you as you go along the stream. Travel time is about 4 hours.
2. Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong

Challenging trekkers with trekking trails across the forest on Cat Ba island. Photo: Internet.
Being the largest island in the 366 islands of the Cat Ba Archipelago, Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) is one of the ideal trekking spots in Vietnam.
Cat Ba Island is located near the jungle, pristine of Cat Ba National Park. This is also where the ocean and jungle are located adjacent to each other, creating beautiful natural scenery, diverse ecosystems, rich. Trekking on Cat Ba island will bring a memorable impression for visitors.
3. Pu Luong National Park, Thanh Hoa province

Foreigners participate in trekking tours through Pu Luong forest. Photo: Internet.
Pu Luong National Park, located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa Province, covers an area of ​​17,662 ha, which is a prominent site for biodiversity as well as for indigenous cultural values.

Snorkel at the deepest of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Photo: Thuy Tran
In this national park is Pu Luong peak 1.70 m high and is a trekking point in Vietnam is much loved. The trekkers will be challenged in the trekking trails of bushes, long bumpy mountains, steep limestone mountains, terraced fields, roofed floors under the palm trees on the mountain slope, between the streams of waterfall, thousands of wild , romantic.
Fansipan peak, Lao Cai

Mount Fansipan is the most challenging trekking destination for adventure travelers. Photo: Internet.
Fansipan peak is not only the destination of the climbers but also the great trekking spots in Vietnam, and only professional people, fully equipped to dare to go because the road is very dangerous.
Fansipan (3,143m high) is the highest peak in Indochina, 3,143m high. The trekker, professional as well as professional climbers can conquer the mountain by three different paths.

Trekking through the forest to the top of Fansipan. Photo: Internet.
The easiest trek route is from Tram Tau to the summit and back by the same route. The trip takes 2-3 days.
The more difficult 19.5 km trek line, starting from the “back belt” Hoang Lien will take you about 4 days.
If more adventurous, the trekker can go from Doc Mit, Binh Lu to the top. This is a very dangerous journey and only professional climbers with full equipment dare to go.
5. Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Sa Pa is considered as the ideal trekking point in Vietnam. Photo: Internet
Situated in Lao Cai province, in the northwest of Vietnam, Sa Pa is considered as the ideal trekking point in Vietnam. In fact, this is also the place attracts many trekkers in our country. In particular, Muong Hoa valley, Lao Chai village, Ta Van are the best places to trekking in Sa Pa.

Scenic scenery in Sa Pa that any trekker dreamed of watching. Photo: Internet
On the trekking tour, you will be able to admire the scenery of mountains, hills, poetic villages between the cool space of Sapa and explore the unique indigenous culture of the ethnic minorities such as Mong, Tay , Thai, Deputy, Ha Nhi …
6. Apachai, Dien Bien

The treacherous Apachai trek causes many people to lose their strength. Photo: Internet.
Apachai (Xín Thau commune – Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province) is the westernmost point of Vietnam, located at the fork of Vietnam, Laos and China.
The Apachai landmark is 1,400 meters above sea level, made of marble with a square pedestal facing three directions. Each country carved the name of the country and national emblem of each country.

The landmark Apachai – the ideal trekking point in Vietnam. Photo: Internet.
The trek line in Apachai was not as difficult as Fansipan but also made many trekkers “lose strength”. To conquer Apachai, trekkers take 3-5 hours to climb and descend, depending on weather conditions.
7. Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Mai Chau is also an interesting trekking spot in Vietnam. Photo: Internet.
Mai Chau Valley (Hoa Binh) is a great trekking point

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