Walking Ta Nang – Phan thiet


Walking Phan Thiet
The path is mostly pathway, but quite easy to lose due to many turns around, you should prepare well about GPS tracklog or hiring guides (the coordinates you will specify in the article)

– A lot of campgrounds (based on flat topography, coal stoves in previous groups)

– Scattered products of the players include: candy, noodle, water bottle … Therefore, if you go to remember to keep a little, garbage does not destroy or burn, try to collect under .


The groups usually go for 2-3 days from Da Quyn – Ta Nang forest – Phan Dung forest gate. However, if you start early and have good health then you can go for 1.5 days. Sunday morning, the car in early morning in the presence of Saigon.

The total cost of about 1 million for this trip.


– Water: Each group bring 3,5l water (2 large bottles and 1 small bottle) and maintain 26 hours (6am on the morning of 1-8am on the second day), then use spring water. Therefore, each of you should bring a minimum of 4 liters of water and you must accept drinking water (you will mark the points for water).

– Food: Depending on the number of days expected to bring food and provisions appropriate. We bring food for 3 days:

+ Prepared rice, wrapped, put back pack.

+ Sesame salt, meat crisps

+ Rice (not used)

+ Noodle Soup

Dried food, sausage (spare)

Cow milk candy: This food to eat sad + very good energy

+ C effervescence (increase resistance, but do not drink too much), a few preventive medicine.

+ Oreo, Rice Cake .. (This can bring more: Light and delicious)

– Other:

+ Smartphone available offline maps: i use iPhone, load the markers on the terrain map then save to it. Add some apps such as MapMe … There are some apps to read your tracklog do not know (this is most important if there is no guide, the team members need to prepare to prevent the case. Damage / loss of phone (If you have or know GPS is good).

+ Battery backup: Mainly charging the phone to use the line + photography, but also the telephone waves flutter, sometimes not.

+ Tents: Should choose rainproof.

Sleeping bags, blankets: Should be prepared because of the cold.

+ Raincoats: raincoats wear more backpacks for backpacks; Also, do not choose the type of bat, also cover backpack, can cover or cover rain on the tent.

+ Flashlight.

Should use shoes with good grip, partly because of old shoes, part because of subjective, sandals with sandals led to a little frogs and blisters feet.

+ Hats, scarves (Just cover the sun, both against the cold)

+ Clothes: Note to be very light, want to not be dirty, bring more, want to go healthy, do not bring, experience your bring a T-shirt + 1 panty / thigh + underwear (2-3 the)

+ Dumplings, alcoholic stove or firewood, prey … This palace does not lack of dry trees, if you bring fresh food or cooking, remember to prepare more fire. Using alcohol will be faster and less energy.

+ Camera: Remember to cover the rain and impact, do not carry the camera is a big loss.

Bow down the road

Evening at Phuong Trang, instruct drivers to drop to Ta Hine 3 (Dai Dai Lake): 220,000 / person / bed.

Falling Ta Hine crossing, the body can sit to drink a cup of coffee, eat a bowl of noodles and rent a motorbike to Ta Nang. The light is open opposite Ta Hine. Here is a little more note, forest name is Ta Nang but the motorcycle can drive you to and walk Toa Cat village, Da Quyn commune.

At 5am, my group of 4 people go 2 xe om (2 people / car) at the starting place of walking. Call me Ta Hine car hug – 01634437939. You should say go into the Sandbox to walk to Binh Thuan, can give his picture to him so he remembers where to go. VND 250,000 / 2 persons.

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